Accountable Care Atlas: A Development Guide for Competency Implementation

Jordan Asher
Travis Broome
Sharon Donnelly
Chris Lloyd
Bruce Meyer
Stephen Nuckolls
Val Overton
Implementation Tool
November 2017

This resource, the Accountable Care Atlas, is intended to help health care delivery systems identify and prioritize the competencies needed under risk-based payment.

  • Experts agree that value-based payment is superior, but there is significant uncertainty around how to achieve success under these new models.
  • The Accountable Care Atlas presents and organizes more than 160 competencies for health care organizations to foster as they transition to value-based care.
  • Competencies are divided into phases, as well as categories such as governance, finance, health IT, and care delivery.
  • The Atlas is intended to serve all providers in their transitions to value, regardless of payment model or provider type.
  • Provider organizations can use the Atlas to identify their current position on the path to value, plan next steps, and prioritize resource allocation.
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