Complex Care Program Development: A New Framework for Design and Evaluation

David Labby
March 2017

This resource proposes a framework to help guide the development of programs for populations with complex needs.

  • While medical drugs and devices go through a well-established, rigorous development process, there is no formal development process for developing care management interventions.
  • A common framework for the complex care program development process would provide a way of evaluating an initiative and whether it is “on track.”
  • The proposed framework includes the following steps:
    • Prototype Development — identify potential innovative approaches to help solve systemic challenges
    • Proof of Concept Testing — initial launch and full testing in local context
    • Program Optimization — to assess whether resources are being used in the most efficient way and generating the highest possible impact
    • Program Sustainability — to examine whether the program is meeting organizational needs and priorities
  • For each phase, the brief provides questions to consider and criteria for success.
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