Investing in Social Services as a Core Strategy for Healthcare Organizations: Developing the Business Case

Eveline van Beek
Daniel Eckel
Alyssa Taylor
Implementation Tool
March 2018

This resource is a guide for payer and provider organizations to invest in social determinants of health (SDOH) and integrate them into their core business model.

  • Few health care organizations have incorporated the services that target SDOH directly into their ongoing business operations.
  • This paper offers a definition and different categories of “social service investment,” identifies common barriers to such investments, and builds a business case for making them. It also includes case studies of health plans that have gotten started.
  • The evidence shows the value of integrating health and social services to improve outcomes and lower health care costs. Initial social service investments have the potential to yield high financial returns within a time frame of 18 months
    or shorter.
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