Re-envisioning Care for People with Involved Disabilities

Implementation Tool
February 2019

This resource is a series of four videos (each roughly 12 minutes long) about how to transform care for people with involved disabilities according to the “independent living” model.

  • The first video provides an overview of the movement for independent living and the need for a system of care that strives for equal partnership with individuals with disabilities and recognizes their own expertise.
  • The second video emphasizes the importance of applying the values of independent living to all aspects of care: the hiring process, orientation, and ongoing training and coaching.
  • The third video describes a successful interdisciplinary team approach: flexible, responsive, culturally compatible, and attuned to both medical and non-medical needs.
  • The fourth video explains the importance of home-based primary care for individuals with involved disabilities, which strengthens the partnership between providers and patients and can avert hospitalizations.
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