Toward a Serious Illness Program Design and Implementation Framework

Khue Nguyen
Theresa Schmidt
Robin Whitney
Gary Bacher
Janice Bell
Sibel Ozcelik
Peer-Reviewed Article
August 2017

This resource proposes a Serious Illness Program Design and Implementation Framework (SIP Framework) to guide the development of programs for people with serious illness.

  • The process begins with setting a vision and completing a local needs assessment, then walking through a range of possible business models, target populations, and services to guide health care organizations in adapting programs to their local contexts.
  • Key implementation considerations include leveraging existing resources, recruiting strong leaders, assembling experienced multidisciplinary care teams, and establishing processes for program evaluation.
  • The SIP Framework is designed to inform serious illness program development, replication, and scaling; integrate with care model payment design; and inform other aspects of design such as policy, standardized measurements, and regulatory analysis.
  • Next steps for the framework include impact assessment, piloting with future programs, and monitoring program implementation.
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